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Alpha Legends is a Raiding Guild looking for unselfish members to help conquer all content World of Warcraft has to offer. We are a friendly Guild that believes in quality over quantity. We would rather have a tight knit group of members than just mass numbers. We are looking for strong members who are willing to master their class and progress as a Guild and not as individuals. We are a Guild that does not believe in selling to Guildmates, because when one member grows we grow as a Guild. Our goal is progression through all content that that is put out without a cutthroat, all for yourself attitude.  If you are a player looking for a Guild that plans on pushing the content World of Warcraft has and puts out as well as just having fun, then Legends may be right for you. Being social is key and having thick skin is a must. We like to joke around and have fun and you have to be able to take it and dish it out. If you are interested in joining one of WoW's best Guilds then apply today. 

The two highest qualities we look for is Solid Attitude and Quality Players. Not one without the other.


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